20 - 30 April 2021
Reflections is a small collection for Claire Elizabeth Gallery in New Orleans. It is about exploring the forms and shapes of waterscapes. Inspired by the work of 20th Century Impressionists, I have kept a muted palette of green and blue with touches of warmer tones like soft pink and yellows. I am fascinated by the way light dances across the water’s surface and how reflections mimic nature's presence. 
With this collection of works on canvas, I hope to inspire the viewer to slow down and enjoy moments of rest. The strokes and forms are meant to be straightforward and recognizable - allowing the mind to connect and wander to a quiet place. Trees rustling in the wind, water rippling on the surface, sunlight warming the earth - these are all elements I seeks to capture in this work - allowing nature to be a healing force, a sense of peace and hopefulness for the viewer.