I've always had a connection to color and the world around me. My paintings seek to evoke a sense of childlike discovery and underlying passion for nature. I'm fascinated by nature's use of color and light and work to accentuate the passage of time and the spirit within a given landscape. My desire is for the viewer to gain a greater appreciation for life, to slow down, and to notice the beauty in places that are often overlooked. 


Trusting the process is everything. I start by gathering information and inspiration. My work changes multiple times before it arrives at its final stage. Using acrylic paint with brushes and palate knives, I love to explore the depth of the piece as I work, pushing and pulling forms, shapes and colors. You can’t be afraid to wipe it down and start again. It's all about the layers! Through bold, short strokes and juxtaposition of bright hues, I constantly try to capture the mood of scene rather than its exact likeness.  

  • Bio


    Ashton Shaw Despot is an impressionist painter based in the Mid-City neighborhood of New Orleans. A proud Louisiana State University alum, Ashton studied visual arts and received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. Ashton credits an intensive course at the Burren College of Art and Design in Ireland for a restored connection to art and nature. The experience was a turning point in Ashton’s career as an artist and inspired her to pursue painting professionally. Ashton is best known for her landscapes and use of soft color. Many collectors and designers admire Ashton’s work for its versatility, blending traditional forms with a touch of air and whimsy. Ashton’s work can be found in both group and solo shows, as well as many homes across the country. Ashton herself can be found working in her home studio, often accompanied by her English Cocker Spaniel, Pepper.