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4524 Magazine Street,
New Orleans, Louisiana 70115


Ashton Shaw Despot is a New Orleans-based, impressionistic painter. Her landscape paintings evoke a sense of childlike discovery and underlying passion for nature. She applies acrylic paint to canvas through an array of brushes, palate knives, and sponges, working quickly as to capture the mood of a scene, rather than its exact likeness. Her fascination with light and its changing qualities is enduring. Through bold, short strokes and juxtaposition of bright hues, she accentuates the passage of time and spirit of a given landscape.

Erin Despot McMememon is the ASD Business Manager. Prior to joining Ashton Shaw Despot on the business and operation side, Erin has held various roles in business consulting, entrepreneurship, investment banking, and management. She also permanently works hard to hold the role of big sister, best friend, and half the role of “Despot sisters”. Erin obtained her Master’s in Business Administration from Tulane’s A.B Freeman’s School of Business. She graduated Summa Cum Laude from Louisiana State University with a B.S. in Finance. Erin loves life in New Orleans—the warm air, the great music, and the ease of walking around the city with cold beers and snowballs.

Bailey Despot was Ashton and Erin’s trusty partner and companion. She was a true career “woman”, and spent days at the office and studio, adding to the creative energy and the open environment to create art and joy. She knew how to appreciate the small things in life—treats, bones, a walk around the block. Bailey was a truly a stinker… but she was our stinker—great to share the good times and offer a paw when hugs and encouragement were needed. She was our number one fan. Anyone who saw her admired her beauty and poise, which she always used to her advantage. Bailey was and always will be our favorite team member and boss babe. *disguised as a Springer Spaniel of course*